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When a dude nails one girl, and then hurries home to his wife or girlfriend. While his cock is still wet and sticky from the previous girl's pussy, he has the second girl give him head, so she is essentially sucking up the other girl’s vaginal fluids.

Pretty risky maneuver, it may reveal that your chick knows what pussy tastes like. Especially satisfying if the two girls are sisters or otherwise related.

Variations include the Trailer Park Choco Pop in which the maneuver is performed after having anal sex with the first girl, then having second girl give head (very risky, should only be performed when the second girl is especially drunk and/or stupid).

Opposite of the dreaded Italian Wedding Soup.
Where have you been? I stopped by your sister's house, hey do you want to try an Italian Breath Mint? Sure (giggles).
by dr_munch'O'lot December 09, 2006
A "drink" given to unsuspecting girl. Made as follows:
1. Cum into a large shot glass (works best with multiple loads), let chill.
2. Mix with equal parts vodka and stir ‘till foamy.
3. Give to some dumb bitch and laugh your ass off when she downs it.

If the bitch is really dumb, just mix cum and cold water. Great way to get mild revenge on your stupid ho girlfriend if she won’t swallow!

(If made with vodka and orange juice, drink is known as the Siberian Sunrise).
YOU: hey girlie, want to try a Siberian Snow Plow?
DUMB BITCH: Sure! (gulp). Wow, that was the shit!
YOU:A ha ha ha ha ha
by dr_munch'O'lot December 07, 2006
When someone else is in the shower, you stick your ass in and fart, then run off, trapping the smell in the shower. Works best with small showers with doors instead of curtains. Similar to the dutch oven.
Yo mom was taking a nice hot shower, so I snuck in and gave her a nasty Turkish Steam Bath.
by dr_munch'O'lot December 03, 2006
Bloody Diarrhea that looks like spaghetti sauce.
Oh man, I've been on the toilet all day filling it up with spaghetti sauce!
by dr_munch'O'lot December 19, 2005
When a chick gets fucked, and as a result has a pussy full of hot cum, hurries home and makes her boyfriend/ husband eat her out. The unsuspecting dude gets a mouth full of another guy’s salty man juice. (Opposite of the Italian breath mint ).

If that dude then fucks the girl, leaving even more man chowder in her coot, the whole process can be repeated with another guy (such as a chick screwing everyone at a party).
I think jimmy has been cheating on me, so I'm going to give him a little Italian wedding soup as revenge.

Hey dude, that blonde just let me go down on her! Oh yea, the same blond that I just left a huge load inside of twenty minutes ago?
by dr_munch'O'lot December 07, 2006

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