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A combination of the two insults Peacho and Kuffar. A Kupeacho is someone who fails at everything they do. To call someone a Kupeacho is very serious indeed, considering that a Kupeacho is even more incompetant than a regular Peacho.
"Man, I thought he was a Peacho before, but now I think he's a complete Kupeacho."
by dr.oetk3r June 10, 2008
The word Peacho has multiple meanings. It is primarily used to describe something as un-cool. In videogames, Peacho can be used as a byword for noob or anything that is "anit-pro"
"Hey man, did you see that Peacho? He has no skills"
by dr.oetk3r June 10, 2008
Someone who excels at life. In the context of videogames, Peacho Killa can be used a as by-word for "Pro"
However, Peacho Killa is a name that can describe anyone who has excellent skills in any activity. Peacho Killas metaphorically kill Peachos in their spare time.
J- "I saw some Peachos walking down the street the other day, know what I did? I blew their fucking brains out with my glock! Got brains all over my nice shirt too."

G- "Whoah man, you're a Peacho Killa!"
by dr.oetk3r June 10, 2008

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