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a comparitive expression meaning: extremely or very.
the subject is compared to a mother fucker.
can be used to emphasize any adjective.
commonly using these forms:
"(adjective + er) than a mother fucker"
"(adjective) as a mother fucker"
colder than a mother fucker = extremely cold
hot as a mother fucker = extremely hot

add the following (adj + er) words to the blank to get a feel for the versatility of this expression:

_______ than a mother fucker.

dumber, stupider, smarter, cooler, worse, smellier, harder, sillier, faster, slower, louder, funnier, duller, uglier, spicier, sharper, more boring...
#totally #extremely #____ as a mother fucker #____ than a mother fucker #to the umpteenth degree
by dr. roland james nesbaum III December 07, 2005
verb, to analy deficate, to poop.
as urinate is to urine,
so feciate is to feces.

also, to speak too much, colloquially referring to a chatter box, or one who shares problems uninvited.

feciation - noun form
feciative - adjective form
1. A. did you feciate already? its going to be a long car ride.
B. nope.
A. well, i think you should try at least.
2. aaahw maaan, i gotta dookie! ooohhh, baaaad! this will be the feciation of the century!
3. oh, i do wish that chick would stop feciating all over us!
#poop #shit #dump #crap #poo poo
by dr. roland james nesbaum III October 18, 2005
1. gold teeth. (pronounced "gode teef" or "gode teefs").
"grill" denoting the mouth, and "chedda'" or "cheddar" denoting gold, or other bling.
2. a mouth ridden with tartar build-up. "chedda'" denoting tartar, and "grill" denoting the mouth.
1. check out my wigger cousin, he is blingin' to the n'th degree, including a fine chedda grill.
2. check out the camp counsilor! awwww! he's got the filthiest chedda grill i've ever seen!
#cheddar grill #bling #bling bling #ice grill #snaggle tooth #grill #wigga #g
by dr. roland james nesbaum III November 03, 2005
the penis.
a polite and nonoffensive euphimism for the male part.
given this name as it is the appendage which most closely resembles a tail, and is used in urination, also called tee tee (verb form).
1. lets undo that diiirrrty diaper and clean you up. oop oop little baby, that's just mama washing your tee tee tail. nowwww, doesnt that feel better?
2. (spoken to a little brother) quit playing with your tee tee tail, if mom sees you, she'll spank your little bottom.
#wee wee #ding a ling #weiner #pee pee #turtle
by dr. roland james nesbaum III October 18, 2005
noun and verb poop

from a misreading of "to kill a mockingbird" when they poke under the bed with a broom handle. a grunt under the bed.
A. hey, cover for me, i'm on cigarette break!
B. huh uh. you just had one.
A. yeah, i know. i didnt want to say, i'm actually going to do a grunt.

oooh, did you see that nasty grunt in the shitter? it didnt flush!
#poop #shit #dump #crap #poo poo
by dr. roland james nesbaum III October 18, 2005
a marijuana smoker. generally refering to a demographic comprised mainly of undersupervised and marginally privileged youth. age is not limiting, however, most stoners beyond early twenties should be more accurately termed "burn outs." for stoners, marijuana smoking provides the most profound and foundational element of their personality, structure of belief, vocabulary, mannerisms, topics of interest, and secondary occupations. a secondary occupation is what the stoner may or may not do when he is not smoking marijuana, or alternately engaged in activities which are particularly enhanced by the effects of smoking marijuana, ex: viewing pink floyd's "the wall," sleeping, listening to pink floyd's album " the dark side of the moon" while watching "the wizard of ozz," succumbing to the munchies, or masturbating, physically, or mentally.

the acceptance into a stoner clique can help individuals without developed secondary interests bridge the gap of difference between themselves and other lonely masturbaters, alternatively providing an environment rich in opportunity to ponder the answers to man's deepest questions, or to log some time making paradoxes of the most mundane subjects.

the stoner may be recognized by his self proclamation through stickers, pins, buttons, drawings and patches picturing the cannabis plant on his clothes, vehicle, or other belongings. however, the stoner may appear as any classification, genre, or clique concerning the categorization of people. he may appear nondescript to the smallest element, or he may sport the fashions of the skaters, punks, hipsters, freaks, or other labels. one may also note a curious smell which accumulates over time in their clothing, vehicles, skin, and hair. not the smell of marijuana, or smoke, but a mild sour smell. the stoner may also be singled out by the smell of marijuana, the frequent use of eye drops, and lazy, half shut eylids resembling the thick fleshy eylids of the french. most commonly they are denoted by the darting paranoid eyes, or the semen stain on their pants.
"stoners are relaxed and thoughtful individuals."

"hey, lets go over to that stoner's house."

1: that stoner kid always writes in his diary
2: yeah, i noticed he writes in it every time he asks the teacher to be excused to go to the restroom.
1: someone told me it is his masturbation diary. he writes how many minutes it takes to ejaculate, the relative amount of semen, the technical method used, the mental image produced, the relative duration of the orgasm, and where he wiped his hand in the bathroom stall.
2: you're sick.
1: not compared to stoner masturbaters
2: ha ha ha, i guess you're right.
1: wanna get drunk tonight?
2: hell yeah.
by dr. roland james nesbaum III September 05, 2005
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