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5 definitions by dr. love

An amazing male lover who gives the female extremely unbearable pleasure. Some great Dr. Loves include Gene Simmons of KISS and Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones.
They call me
Dr. Love!
They call me Dr. Love
Calling Dr. Love!
by Dr. Love December 29, 2003
used in Long Beach, California, to refer to a total hottie
the bird at the Pike was beverly nice.
by dr. love February 06, 2005
a large cum shot to the ear
Joe spleared in danny's ear
by Dr. love January 28, 2005
A pill known as the "female viagra". It is most commonly found in Asia; mostly Hong Kong. Women will slip into the soup of their husband/boyfriend.
In my country, Penis-OK! My mother have penis!
by Dr. Love January 04, 2004
While engaging in intercourse with a female , where it has previously been agreed upon that a contraceptive would be used during the porking. The male, in the heat of beating the pink, removes his condom and continues to have sex. Preferably done in the "doggie style" position for optimal stealthocity.
Symms, " Yo I just pulled The Sneak and I feel wonderful!"

Steve " Man that Sneak , gets'em everytime!"
by Dr. Love April 03, 2004