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a peice of fecal matter that hits the ground at a alarming rate. on impact one could say it looked like a loljedi
:frank: "*thump* whoah that was a frisky little teato"
:jessica: "gross teato"
by dr. aquaFresh October 16, 2008
was a extra in the movie Fight Club staring Brad pit.
was later fired before the movie's final edit for sexual assault on the other male cast members durring "fight scenes"
:tom: "look at that man wrestling with that body builder"
:frank: "dude what a o'siris"
by dr. aquaFresh October 16, 2008
often known as a over weight female and some times male that plays MMORPG'S such as but not limited to swg, WoW, and hello kitty online adventures, stared in five underaged adult movies at the age of 27.
wow look at that nerd nixy, she totaly wants a bizzkut
by dr. aquaFresh October 16, 2008

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