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12 definitions by dr winterbourne

noun, A discomforted testicle that has become the victim of the recrossing of ones legs without due consideration of the seam line of over-tight trousers.
Guy 1: (concerned) What's up, dude?
Guy 2: (grimacing, eyes watering)...lapstone...
by Dr Winterbourne February 16, 2009
A burger created by taking a piece of bun off a McChicken, and off a Quarter Pounder, and then putting the burgers together.

Named after the food poisoning salmonela which apparently takes place if uncooked poultry and beef make contact.
Driver: Whadder you want?
Shotgun: McSalmonela and a cherry pie.
by Dr Winterbourne February 24, 2009
To fill a toilet with paper so as to avoid noise and/ or unsanitary splashing.
Shy One: I was so uncomfortable. His mum was walking around right out side the door; so I thirroulled the toilet, and then coughed at the same time.
by Dr Winterbourne February 16, 2009
noun; The first girl on the dancefloor.
Punter: This place is dead. We just need a slitch to break the ice.
by Dr Winterbourne February 16, 2009
Descriptive of the embarrassingly erotic sensation one derives from sitting above the wheel arch of an idling bus.
Neighbour: What're you smiling about?
Sensualist: (Shyly) Minnamurra.
by Dr Winterbourne February 16, 2009