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security blanket. Imparts the power of invisibility. Also impervious to vampire attack. The blanket can be worn up to the neck and still give complete protection, due to a forcefield that projects up over the head. Helps you sleep.
Also the name of a member of the superhero team, the Flangetastic Four.
" I wish we werent camping on this old indian burial ground."
" Im not worried, I brought my blanky"
by dr live March 14, 2008
The emperor of all of China. one in five children in the world are his. Has the ability to sleep anywhere. A member of the Flangetastic Four.
AKA The littlest hobo, ching chang
"So hes homeless then?"
"The emperor counts all of china as his home. And a box on Tooting common. And any unsecured sheds."
by dr live March 14, 2008

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