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The uncontrolled and unfettered uttering of profanities.
Cunt, shitty asshole, nigger fuck flaps!!! I'm sorry, I suffer from coprolalia.
by Dr Merkin October 13, 2008
The plume of blood that appears in a syringe chamber when injecting, suggesting that the venepuncture has been successful (Drug user slang)
Usually I can't find a vein but yesterday I got a register first go!
by Dr Merkin September 28, 2008
(n) The practice of rinsing the vaginal vault with a carbonated beverage, such as a cola drink. The can or bottle is usually agitated vigorously post coitus, and the ensuing spray is directed towards the vaginal opening. In the 1950s, prior to availability of the oral contraceptive pill, this was considered a form of birth control, and Coca cola was thought to have some spermicidal properties. Referred to in the song "Coca Cola Douche" by 60s New York band, The Fugs.
Archie: Oh no, my rubber burst!
Betty: Never mind, give me a Coca Cola douche.
by Dr Merkin March 14, 2009
One who exits a social situation quickly without saying goodbye

A thief
Where did you go you lasher?

He stole all my shit the lasher.
by Dr Merkin October 13, 2008
A social occasion, popular in Brazil. Women and men take laxatives and defecate on one another. Projectile sprays of faeces are considered the height of good form, and are usually rewarded with polite applause.
Dear, we have been invited to a diarrhoea picnic, can you pack the enemas?

by Dr Merkin October 13, 2008
Someone who greedily scoffs down faeces.
After Mandy took a big dump I asked her not to flush, cause I was hungry!

You coproglutton!
by Dr Merkin October 13, 2008
(n) The practice of spreading one's butt cheeks and wiping one's ring on furniture, car seats, pillows etc. as an act of revenge or prank
Man, your coffee table stinks, who been ass marking it?
by Dr Merkin October 13, 2008
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