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The trains that return to the depot at the end of the night without making any stops to pick up passengers.
I thought there weren't any trains left at this hour, but we're in luck-- here comes one now! Oh fuck it's just the midnight express, god dammit!
by Douglas Young January 25, 2008
When you thought your cell phone vibrated in your pocket but it didn't, and what's worse-- it's not even in that pocket.
Dude I think I need to go to the doctor, I've been getting faux vibes all day.
by Douglas Young November 10, 2007
A smiley of a guy fapping. The colon is his mouth, the capital letter D is his giant grin, the G is his two arms, with the right one bent around to grab his penis, which is represented by the squared off inner part of the G, and finally the C are his curvy yet stable legs, which support his fapping.
So you see children, :DGC makes an excellent picture of a man fapping, please bring your homework next class, and remember that :'(GC is what kids look like when they have fapped to a zebra and have realized a horrible truth about themselves.
by Douglas Young August 18, 2008
A stupid pedestrian.
- Hits the Walk Signal more than once.
- Crosses without a crosswalk at heavy traffic, usually stranding himself on an "island" for many minutes.
- Has not mastered the art of jaywalking.
- Crosses in front of a car who finally gets a break in the traffic he's been wanting to merge with.
Term can be thought of as DERR-pestrian or fake-German like "der pest-rian."
Motherfuckin derpestrian!! Crossin' however you please just 'cause you know you could sue me if I hit you. Bitch.
by Douglas Young October 26, 2007
The need to text someone, usually out of complete boredom and usually because social interaction is craved.
Guy: I'm comin' down with some textasterone here, maybe if I ask everyone what they thought of the latest movie that came out.
by Douglas Young September 09, 2007
Noticeably relying heavily on style rather than effectiveness.
The Matrix sequels liked to overstylize while they tried to distract you from the shitty plot.
by Douglas Young January 07, 2008
An individual who is so bad and awkward at conversing that the only logical explanation is that their mind is focused on the fresh dead bodies they've got in their basement. They're thinking about:
- How many they've got
- If anyone knows
- If you know
- If you'd be a good addition to it
- About how much jail time they'd be sentenced to if they were ever caught
Greg: So you cut down trees? Ever have any accidents?
Basement Talker: Yes, many.
(Awkward pause)
Greg's Mind: (Shit, a basement talker. I'd better leave this conversation)
Greg: I have to, um, leave.
Basement Talker: Yes. Leave.
by Douglas Young February 08, 2008
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