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a typical saying which originated in the gay community, in cape town south africa, where gay guys substitute women's names for words. in this instance sheila,- which means shit or rubbish - and gail, which means to talk combine to form the meaning 'you are talking shit' or 'don't talk shit!'
gay guy a : you won't believe it! i had sex with brad pitt last night!

gay guy b : Sheila Gail!!


john: i have to use the loo! i need to sheila!

jane: that's a little too much info for me thanks!
by dougie g August 22, 2006
1.to drink large amounts of alcohol and become intoxicated

2.any type of alcoholic beverage
1. person a - i have had too much to drink tonight!
person b - i can see that! you are really dora!

2. person a - i am so glad it is finally the weekend!
person b - me too! let's go to the bar and order some dora!
by dougie g August 21, 2006

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