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3 definitions by double AyeD

When your dominate masturbating hand is out of commission for some reason, you utilize your opposite hand to take care of business.
Fuck, how am I suppose to jack off with this cast on my hand. Guess ill have to bring in my pinch hitter.
by double AyeD July 27, 2010
10 8
When two males engage in a vicious battle using their balls as lethal weapons to try and injure each other.
Did you steel my cheetos? Uhh no. I challenge you to a sac fight.

Dude I just got knocked out by that guys sac.

I gave him a black eye with my sac.
by Double AyeD July 27, 2010
1 1
Slang for saying Xanex bars.
Break me off a piece of that kit kat barz! so i can get fucked up.

Lookin for some sweets? I got herbals, white girl, angel dust, glass, smack, rolls, and of course those good ass kit katz.
by Double AyeD July 27, 2010
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