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4 definitions by dorito

Grassy area located near some vine plantations underneath the terrace of the Saint-Germain en Laye castle.
Famous amongst young people and, unfortunately, policemen, for its parties where pot and booze go around and where people sit down to play jembe or guitar.
-What are you doing Friday night?
-I'm going to the Vignes.
-Oh cool! I'll come too
by dorito April 04, 2005
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Word used to describe nice dinosaurs on online communities.
-Who was that?
-Oh, that was just Gig.
by dorito May 01, 2005
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An annoying fly.
Comes from the usual words "stop it" following the arrival of such an insect on your body.
Get those bloody noppits off of me!
by dorito April 05, 2005
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A very selective group of young people who go out often to get plastered or high.
-Are you part of the COTH group?
-I sure am.
by dorito April 05, 2005
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