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an undercover lesbian. one that portrays to be a lesbian in order to score men. could also be a real lesbian but has moments where men seem more appealing (usually high/drunk).
damnnnn, look at that girl score all those chicks. such a carpet gypsy.
by dordan jewert April 22, 2009
when one stands up from a seat and a large, sweaty imprint of their butt remains.
joe stood up to get off the bus and didn't realize he left a butt stamp on the seat. all the other passengers refused to sit there and eyed joe as he exited the bus.
by dordan jewert July 29, 2009
synonymous with "whatever floats your boat" and the new and absolutely phenomenal "whatever lifts your luggage".
well, i don't particularly care for butt humping my pets... but whatever sucks your straw, pete.
by dordan jewert May 15, 2010

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