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The dusty residue which puffs out of a vagina that hasn't been used for a long time.
Sam: I pulled a granny last night

Darryl: What was it like?

Sam: She puffed out a shit load of cunt dust which settled in my hair. After that, she went like a train!
by doofle January 15, 2013
The bit of string which keeps a cowboy hat on your head
It's a bit windy outside Derman.... don't forget to tie up your Hooflacker!
by doofle January 22, 2012
1. A word that just sums up a cunty person or thing

2. The art of pissing in someones vag or bum.

'Today is a proper pissfuck day'
'Sam, you are a fucking pissfuck'


'Bend over woman, I'm going to pissfuck you in the bum bum.'
by doofle November 22, 2012

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