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Police are not all bad. But alot of them are brutal and they give a bad name to police. I hate a great deal police. Why? because more of them have been disrespectful and harmful than they have been courteous and helpful (in my personal experience. and don't think im a little dick I know how to talk to "authority figures" with respect). The IDEA of police is of course a good one. However there should be more of a screening on those who wish to pursue a career in law enforcement.
The Police made me get out of the car and wouldnt let my girl have a sweatshirt out of the car while they tore it apart looking for weed.

The police found 11 roaches in a complete scrubby stoner car. No roach goes to waste around me dude.

The police wouldnt let me have my medication for 48 hours causing severe withdrawl symptoms because my house had been broken into, and they were "not allowed to disturb a crime scene". MY HOUSE MY MEDS FUCK THE POLICE
by doodmanbro June 20, 2009

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