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2 definitions by doodle12345

The act of already having done something related to a Jewish person (seeing, meeting etc) when someone mentions it.
-"Hey, have you heard? Abraham's back from holiday!"
-"Yeah man, deja Jew, i saw him earlier"
by doodle12345 January 29, 2009
A (usually) mundane and useless piece of knowledge, or field of expertise, that comes into profound effect as the one question you can answer at a pub/supper quiz.

It has also been known to be used as an excuse for quiz players with poor general knowledge.
Quiz master - 'What is the radius of the centre circle on a standard size soccer pitch?'

Person 1 - '9.15 metres'

Person 2 - 'How on earth did you know that?!?'

Person 1 - 'Oh it's my pub quiz question, don't expect answers to any other questions!'
by Doodle12345 February 17, 2009