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slang for when someone tries to dress something up, but is still that something. usually used on ugly broads, when they put on a skirt and some lipstick and well, they still look like the same digusting pig.
"You put lipstick on a pig, it's still a pig"
by doo doo brown January 09, 2004
1.refers to anal sex. 2.also a wiseblood song.
1. "I fudge punched Maria last night, it was a mess" "Shut up Mike"
2.ME "Damn that Wiseblood song sounds painful." JGT "Shut up you little weasel"
by doo doo brown January 08, 2004
when you are a mexican or latino, you play for team bean.
Don't hire him Adam, he plays for team bean.
by doo doo brown January 08, 2004
when you are finally ready to come out of the closet.
Pete checked his hetrosexuality at the door and whipped out his Immolation cds.
by doo doo brown January 08, 2004

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