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a person that has an unreal look on life thats fake shysty dirty dont show no love no human traits lack of honesty scared to show his human side no feelins for people unwilling to sacrifice his self like jesus so others can achieve there goal just one selfish ass hole all around ego me me tipe person self centered naver give all ways acting hard like he got something to prove takes hem self to serious lazy naver works at any thing not even at friend ship blame weak lets fear control his life gray naver pick sides just a strat up fake
hay man we been friends for years why do you naver hit me up into you need something I got your back where is the love fake nigga. im to scared to show love so I act hard because I think people are after me when there not so I fuck with people for my on gain and dont care how thay feel because im to scared or into my self to care ps thats how thugs think trying to show thay are hard when thay are soft as cookies in milk
#fakenigga #fake #hate #thug #hater
by donvelly March 05, 2010
some one hew ant got no street creed and act like he gangster but he ant known for doing gangster shit but still walk around like he is a threat
man that nigga look gangster. I no him he scared to to hustle he lame
#lame #nigga #fake #gangster.bitch #killer
by donvelly February 16, 2010
A real nigga is A person hew is honest to it hurt and he is stuck in reality and has no time for fake shit so if you ant doing what you say and treating niggas right you will git shot by A real nigga
man every time I go to don house he feeds A nigga thats A real nigga.ant no nigga out here helping niggas thats A real nigga
#gangster #lame #money #ti #tupac
by donvelly February 16, 2010
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