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a place of pure torture. This school has so many antisocial people, you would die from the lack of social skills. Studies show that 100% of the people who attended this school died. Going to this school is like being tied to a tree and being continously slapped by apes.
Guy: Man, i hate jail.

Other Guy: Its better than Liberty Christian High School, they actually have good food in jail.
by dontevenbother654 April 15, 2011
A class that teaches those who wish to be rejected by society (ie:homeschoolers) to be completly and utterly awkward. It is at these akward classes where they learn how to talk like Ozzy Osbourne, walk like Micheal Jackson, sing like Jonny Cash, and many other ridiculous actions.
Guy: (leans in very close) Are you busy on Saturday
Other Guy: You- you want me to come with you to awkward class?
by dontevenbother654 May 07, 2011

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