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9 definitions by dont worry bout it

remedial means you retarded, nice way to say it
day-day tries to get out of the car and leaves his seat belt on

Craig:come on get out playboy, you know what? you remedial
Day-Day:da hell do that mean?
by Dont worry bout it September 12, 2004
90 58
someone who uses you for a butt puppet in prison, or just uses you as a butt puppet in general
OG LOC:Man, i dont give a fuck what anybody says!!!I Ain't nobody's ass technician
by Dont worry bout it November 12, 2004
27 4
a suffix used by geeks in forums and they add it on to a word to try to flame posters and have nothing better to say
topic creator:hey check out this porn site
next poster:banned'd

topic creator:hey i just found this on the internet
next poster:OLD'D
by Dont worry bout it November 28, 2004
18 12
A place where you can go to find the best bud ..it always has mad cops and the legendary people like grape ,quannie,kareem,&terek who will grow old and die there dont fuck with LT or you"ll get fucked up we have the best 4:20' ever we are the home away from home for all he a"rabs
Downsides of LT :ding a ling,fishcakes,seawater and ginders
by DoNt WoRrY bOuT iT April 22, 2005
7 5
When you waste your money for a hit or two of that shitty weed your friend got and you dont have enough money for an eight.
Hey man you gimme a two dalla holla!
by Dont worry bout it January 07, 2003
3 2
a cross between a dingleberry and a pudgemuffin
ha you little fat fuck go wipe your ass you stupid dinglemuffin
by dont worry bout it December 10, 2004
3 4
A world history teacher who is hella stupid and should be kicked in her forehead for being busted and a bitch
Miss Loraine you hella busted and your head is too small for your body!
by Dont worry bout it September 12, 2004
5 7