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2 definitions by dont god damn worry about it

Origin: Ohio

Crop Dusting is a game or activity where the object is to rub your sack/unit against an unsuspecting person during conversation and acting like it was an accident, or pretending it never happened. Usually works best when one person is seated.

Crop Dust Scoring:
Male-1 point
Any Celebrity-5 points
Dude, that fuck just crop dusted me.

Hey, why the fuck are you crop dusting me right now?
by dont god damn worry about it November 12, 2005
21 26
A game played by at least two ass ninjas where you get in a circle and jerk off on a cookie. The last one to finish has to eat the cookie. Commonly recommended when there isn't shit going on and you and your buddies can't find anything to do. Although I don't know anyone who has actually ever played it, thank god.
Joe: "Hey what the fuck are we doing tonight?"

John: "I don't know, let's play cookie."

Jeff: "Fuck that man, your gay."
by dont god damn worry about it November 12, 2005
12 44