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a socom / socom 2 player on the north american server who is some how ranked in the thousands even though the character is rarely seen actually fragging others.
that deadeye jones guy keeps killing me wtf!
by donovan gravlee January 09, 2005
sneeze good and hard and when you sneeze a good portion of mucus comes flying out, but your mouth is shut, and as you inhale to sneeze again, the sneeze is snuffed out from you choking on the mucus as it suddenly and unexpectedly gets sucked back down your throat.
when you got to sneeze and it gets stopped because you sucked down the mucus from the first sneeze
by donovan gravlee March 19, 2005
after studying for countless hours for college finals. your brain has turned to a humus like substance. and all motor functions are noticably impared.
after looking over 15 chapters of accounting and not comprehending any of it we drank beer and realized that you must always debit cash.
by donovan gravlee December 13, 2004
your shoes, or if you are one of these you will notice that ugly "nappy" people follow you around or you are simply comming into contact with lots of ugly people today. today you are a nappy grabber.
your shoes, or just one of those days when everyone seems ugly to you. on that day you are a nappy grabber. most commonly affiliated with the shoes though.
by donovan gravlee December 10, 2004

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