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Ploop is the sound as well as the action.

Poop, and makes a sound when it hits the water, is ploop. it reflects the sound as well as what it is and what was done.
I stood high over the toilet and took a ploop.....
by Donny January 17, 2005
A bad motha fucka known for crushin' bitches, knockin' skulls, and droppin' lines so deep they'd make Socrates go: "Damn!"
Did you wee what happened to that fool? He stepped to Punitive D and got dropped by a gavel to the head
by Donny March 15, 2005
A characteristic exhibited by persons who are boring, unadventerous, and prone to censoring the expresions of others.
Wow, those UrbanDictionary.com editors sure are lame, they wouldn't even post my awesome definition of uga!
by Donny August 08, 2005
Urban Declarative. Sweet ass is used to celebrate a happy moment. used by Cartman in the show South Park.
I found five bucks! Sweet Ass!

Sweet Ass! Look at that car!

That girl has a sweet ass.
by Donny October 28, 2002
forceful ejaculation into a woman's mouth
She took a ragescott and now she's gonna get tested.
by Donny June 19, 2006
A way of communicating a profund thought or emotion about a person, place or thing. Generally spoken with an accent on "Guy."
"Wowguy, you need a tetnis shot to enter the Nook."
by Donny December 06, 2003
A mole of little consequence or use. Someone who's perception of self is somewhat different from reality.
"You're so useless, you're as useful as the ROSECAT"
by Donny October 24, 2004

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