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1. With double "m" in the middle: A minimum safety prerequisite for having sex

2. Without the first "m": An expression of zero tolerance toward car, trailer or public copulation.
1. Girl 1: Tina, you're f*cking so many guys, aren't you afraid of AIDS?
Girl 2: Not at all, I always require a condomminimum.

2. Girl: I'm fed up with this perpetual car sex. The next guy i sleep with should have a condominimum.
by donnie_brasco December 12, 2009

Signifies the act of intentional staring at women's breasts.
Guy 1: What did you and Patrick do in the mall yesterday?
Guy 2: Not much, we were just boobserving the women passing by.
by donnie_brasco December 12, 2009
A popular denim brand during World War II.
From Poland to Italy, Guesstapo was in everyone's closet during the war.
by donnie_brasco December 12, 2009
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