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An asshole, a person who is deserving of a beatdown. From fucker, also from John Cusack's Grosse Pointe Blank
"Dude, that guy who stole my shit is a real fucko"
by Donnie April 15, 2004
Anything cool or awesome....This word must have a capital Z.
That game on TV last night was naZ son!
by Donnie April 15, 2004
A city of Ancient Greece inhabited by bad-asses and a bad-ass rock band.
Sparta rule but the greeks are scum.
by Donnie December 13, 2004
Extremely disgusting, yet halarious sexual name for when a guy is getting head and when he busts in the girls ear and folds it over.
"My girlfriend dumped me because i gave her an omlet."
by Donnie November 15, 2004
Someone who treats others ideas and opinions with scrutiny or sees the world in an extremely cynical and sarcastic view.
"Grady can be a real tightass sometimes."
by donnie December 08, 2004
when a woman is taking a shit, a male goen in and puts his cock in her mouth and she performs oral sex on him.
My girl was taking a shit so I went in a shoved my cock in her mouth ans she gave me an inverted blumpkin
by Donnie May 21, 2004
Taken from Arabic, orignal meaning in Arabic "Bring It", the word got popularly used to mean "Masturbate It" (Bring that Cum). Then the usage got a much more polite attitude it starts to refers to "Get Excited". Now its English usage is exactly like "ROCK ON".
Someone in a party will shout: "Jibou!!"
by donnie October 09, 2004

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