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While having sexual intercouse, the process in which the male acheives maximum penetration resulting in impact to the uterus and surrounding internal organs.
John: "Dude, so how'd it go with the red head last night?"

Jim: "Oh my gosh, dude I had her upside down, balls deep, and hit 'dem guts! And she loved it!"


John: "So dude what about that chick on the other side of the bar?"
Jim: "Ooooh yeah. I'd hit 'dem guts for sure!"
by donjuandemarco January 22, 2010
after long evening of over indulgence, you experience adominal cramps and the loss of control of your bowels to a liquidy explosion the next morning
"Dude, I think I over did iit with all the beer, booze and hot wings last night. That last dump was a bowel buster! There was shit everywhere!
by donjuandemarco December 30, 2009
When scoping a hot chick from a far distance, then as she gets closer you and your buddy realize she is hideous.
Damn dude check that chick over there, she coming this way. Dude! She's hideous, definitely "better from far, far from better" up close....
by donjuandemarco December 23, 2009

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