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An event whereas after you finally get a chick to let you score with her, you start the lovemaking process and finish after an amazing two pumps...
I finally got my new girl alone and naked and all I could pull off was a two pump conversion.
by donaldson November 29, 2003
a slang word for the controseptive worn on the male genetalia
I had a hot date planned so I went to mejiers and picked up a pack of caporters to protect my down hang.
by donaldson November 15, 2003
A slang word for the male genetalia
The other day a hot hoe came over to my crib and put some stank on my down hang.
by donaldson November 15, 2003
an overly voluptuous female specimen that you contact post consuming 144+ ounces of your favorite alcoholic beverage.
After striking out at the bar last night, I had to ride my trusty waverunner.
by Donaldson November 14, 2003
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