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FLIPITY FLAPS can be anything that flips and flaps.For example the tesitcals, saggy old womens tits,etc
My flipty flaps has a small bump growing on the side of them
by DONALD December 16, 2004
when you state a fact about an emu

comes from a sweaty geometry teacher from Providence
Man, that crazy sweaty geometry teacher from Providence is emustating
by Donald October 03, 2004
Loves African jewelery. Will stop at nothing to fail Graham. Loves Harleys, and Caden. Was once, and still is at heart, a Granola.
If you want to destroy my sweater, hold this thread as i walk away.
by Donald December 08, 2004
In the Dance Dance Revolution series, a combination of a quarter note and an eigtht note.
There's a ton of Kerrops on Candy on standard.
by Donald March 04, 2003
Anything that does not exist.
Kerr wishes that the treehouse was kerrpenis.
by Donald February 22, 2003
to try to make fun of someone but it ends up backfiring and you get made fun of. every one hating you
saying that someone is gey then everyone reacting against you
by Donald May 14, 2004

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