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When a person is led to believe that they are in some way more superior to everybody else. Pride is fine up until a point, but as soon as you believe that you are in some special way better than everybody else, you become a dickhead.
Pretty much everybody on UrbanDictionary.com (including me) is arrogant.
by don't you respond to me June 05, 2004
I'm not really adding anything new here. Suicide is -an- option, it's not the only one, but shouldn't be discounted. Comes down to personal beliefs; for a naturalist there are no repercussions for you - only for those that have formed an attachment to you. For a <insert disapproving religion here>ist it would be inadvisable. There are those that would complain about 'throwing your life away', but for those that believe in non-existence after death, the main overriding factor is your empathy towards those that may be hurt after your death.
'Somebody called me names, I'm going to go kill myself' <- wrong (i'm guilty of that whiny behaviour)

'There really isn't that much point to life, all this work leading up to one single point (death at old age) beyond which everything that I have done is of no consequence. I could 'commit' suicide, although that would be ruining the fun for everyone else' <- at least a bit of thought was put into it.
by don't you respond to me June 04, 2004
Hmmm... they're a great band, they're under a fair bit of scrutiny by those that are more concerned about genre than music. Alternative or not, black metal or not. At the same time some of their listeners have a vandetta towards Marilyn Manson. In the end it all comes down to personal taste though.
To add to what has already started:

MM fan: Cr4dl3 0f f1l+h sux0rs (sic)
CoF fan: 'They're the shizzle!' - Shoots MM fan
Black metaller: 'You're not black metal!' - shoots cradle fan
Random Person: Shoots that person for being a twat.

...And so the cycle continues.
by don't you respond to me June 04, 2004

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