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Pronounce puh KIP see. GET IT RIGHT!

A city in New York's Dutchess County. Always debated whether it is upstate or downstate. The New York State Department of tourism considers everything north of Poughkeepsie to be upstate.

Poughkeepsie is split into Town of Poughkeepsie and City of Poughkeepsie. For no reason. City has low taxes, small houses. Town has huge houses, high taxes. Town includes Arlington district (Pleasant Valley, Lagrange, Overlook, Titusville etc.) and Spackenkill District (Hagan, Nassau, Beachwood).

The town's HIGH taxes carry the weight of the entire town.

Poughkeepsie is the home of Vassar College. One of the top colleges in the nation.

Poughkeepsie is near Hyde Park, Wappingers, Newburgh, Beacon, Highland, and other towns.

Spackenkill High School, a small school with about 500 students, is considered to be the best high school. This is only in grades, education. The lockers don't even have locks.

Many people are flocking from nyc to Poughkeepsie. The population is steadily increasing.

Has the best view of the Hudson River.
Ugh I'm from the city of poughkeepsie. I'm 17 and I have 3 kids.

I'm from the town of poughkeepsie and I graduated from high school when I was 14.
by don't worry about that August 07, 2005
Town in Upstate New York. Full of trailer parks and hoes. Known for the teacher who stabbed himself in the bathroom and blamed it on a student and the kid who ran around naked then got his dick cut off. Yes, this seriously happened in America. Worst of all, in New York.
OMG look at that ho all up on my man.

Don't sweat that bitch she goes to FDR.

Eww she's from Hyde Park. Damn he must really be desperate.
by don't worry about that August 07, 2005

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