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The most ghetto house you can find in a suburban neighborhood. Often smells like cat shit.
Example 1-

GOD FUCKING DAMMIT! This cat's ass shoots out shit like old faithful shoots out boiling water!

Example 2-

Fuck...FUCK!....did i step in it?....no, ok thank god...well thats your typical day at the shack
#shack #cat #shit #ghetto #old faithful
by Don't toch me there October 17, 2010
Plural of the word "Dee." It can reffer either to D cup bras...or rather what they contain, or it refers to a slang term for the male genitalia. This word is often thrown into sentances for no apperent reason.
Person 1: hey how you doing?
Person 2: Good how, about you?
Person 1: Quite well thank you, what did you do today
Person 2: well I we--
Person 3: (interrupting) Dees!
Person 1 & 2: .....was that really necessary?
#boobs #tits #bra #dicks #penises
by don't toch me there October 29, 2010
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