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It's when a band is first starting out on a small independent label and hasn't become rich or popular yet.Ironically rich know it all college hippies all love indie music as long as the artists don't make one red cent from it.But the second the artists actually makes money the stupid rich know it all college hippies don't like them anymore and accuse them of being sellouts.If you are rich enough to go to college then you ARE a fucking sellout already so you should be such a hypocrite as to call bands who make it beyond an indie label sellouts.Also college retards like anything that's not popular even if it sucks balls and so in scrambling to find new shitty bands that haven't become popular yet these stupid gay rich college hippie faggots latch onto a new emo band every week,lol.
Stupid indie music is how rich know it all college hippies like to pretend that they are keepin it real,lmao.
by don't ever cross my path December 21, 2005

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