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(British nationalist party)
A genuine, if slightly misguided,far right political party in UK politics. All these entries claiming the BNP are "ignorant racists" are hypocrites.

(1) they are nationalist, NOT racist. there is a difference between wanting to protect the interests of British citizens and hating others because of the colour of their skin.

(2) they have NO links to Nazis, neo-Nazism or Hitler. Although other national terrorists groups such as "combat 18" have had strong links with Nazi ideas the BNP doesn't nor ever has, had links with Nazism.

(3) Nick Griffin was imprisoned for criticizing the Muslim faith, "inciting racial hatred". This was a mockery of the right to free speech. At no point did he specifically suggest that anybody should attack Muslim's and, given the large increase of Muslim fundamentalism, i feel was well within his rights to criticize a religion which causes such hostility.

(4) How many of these people trying to smear the reputation of the BNP have actually looked at their manifesto? I suggest precious few.
Jeff: "The BNP are racist thugs"

John: "Okay then Jeff, what are their policies?"

Jeff "errm, well racism and that"

John "okay their rocket scientist, try to be politically aware before you open your big mouth"
by dominic31 April 24, 2008

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