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the slime textured goobers or saliva that acculate in the rear of a sluts throat while in the act of cock gobbling or fallatio.
man that biatch had a bad case of throat greese when she sucked my ramrod lastg night
by dominant June 25, 2007
a defining term for food items that have high fat content and an overall pleasant effect on a person of great size who loves to consume mass quantities of lard-encrusted edibles
mary became happy over the cellulicious doughnuts she ate this morning
by dominant June 25, 2007
the euphoric state of an individual who is enthralled with being a fatass like an enormous creature of bovine origin. Takes great pride in being enourmously obese
eddie is an exceptionally moorific individual who is down with the mooooooo. So much so that his nickname is cheeseburger.
by dominant June 25, 2007
An angel who may not be the hottest chick but her eyes scream "bend me over and fuck me" and her voice makes you wanna pin her against the wall by her throat
Biggest cockteaser she sat in my lap telling me what she wanted in this voice then walked away give me this seductive look
by Dominant December 31, 2013

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