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one who falls in the slime
you just been gifin'd
by dolly May 23, 2003
A term used for a girl/young lady who enjoys seducing older men, and usually is only interested in older/middle aged men. Lolitas are flirty, smart, and lustful. This term was derived from Vladimir Nabakov's novel "Lolita", where a 12 year old girl seduces her step father.
In a sentence:Ooh look at that Lolita, Tina! She's seducing our math teacher!!!
by Dolly May 11, 2004
kyla's a skrat,she's a skrat skratskratskratskratskratskrat
klya's a skrat, skratskratskratskratskrat
by Dolly September 05, 2004
Using a symbol/letter/number to replace some letters in a sentence so that instead of:

"Everyone eats rice"

it becomes:
"3\/3ry0|\|3 347s r1c3"

Almost unreadable.
by Dolly November 28, 2003
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