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3 definitions by dollmusic

a word that is put between syllables of a word to form a coded language. Also, a song on "the red album" by DOLL that can be found on YouTube.
I love you = I lithigove yithigou

I hate that person = I hithigate thithigat pithigersithigon

Don't tell Mary I'm pregnant = Dithigon't tithigell Mary I'm prithigegithignant.
by dollmusic October 20, 2011
Somone or something that wakes you up, bothers or annoys you on purpose or not when you are tying to take a nap.
Every time I lay down my husband knocks on my door with some stupid question. He is such an apernaper.

The neighbors dog is an apernaper. He barks at precisely 5:00pm everyday and wakes me up from my nap.
by dollmusic October 12, 2011
A man who likes putting his penis into another mans anus.
Lisa likes Gary but she doesn't know he's gay! Yeah, I heard he was a donut dunker.
by dollmusic October 12, 2011