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3 definitions by doggonecutsy

An adoring and cute mushy pet name to call your lover.
Goodnight now sweetie, I'll miss you so much but I'll see you next week!
by Doggonecutsy April 24, 2004
1141 163
A southern version of an exaggeration word (such as in the word "Very" being replaced by doggone).
"Mark is doggone cute!"
by doggonecutsy April 26, 2004
93 53
A straight man that tends to do feminine things that actually improve his looks, though he may become inflated at times obsessing in front of the mirror. But remember this, he claims he's NOT gay, having no desires for other men.
"The 'Queer Eye for the Straight Guy' show turns ordinary slobs into stunning metrosexuals, who now compete with their girlfriends to have more time to prep in the bathroom."
by Doggonecutsy December 27, 2003
6 17