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Someone who his hooked on those games you play on facebook; When you throw up from being on facebook for too long.
-" Garret's been playing those stupid facebook games for hours!"
-" dude, hes faced up"

-"Mom, better check on bobby, he was on facebook for too long."
- "Oh crap, he didn't face up did he?"
by Dog eats God January 27, 2011
A city slicker who got his butt placed in the middle of nowhere
That rur-urbanite cant milk a cow to save his life!
by Dog eats God August 11, 2010
when you've been tweeting several different people without your spouses consent.
Wife- "Honey, you haven't been tweeting around with my girlfriends lately have you?"

Husband- "I just feel like our social relationship is coming to an end and i have needs."

Wife- "your dead to me!"
by dog eats god April 24, 2011
to punch someone in the eye, then repeatedly stab them in the other eye, then stick your dick into the socket.
-"dude, why is my eye gone, and why do I have cum in it?"
- "must have gotten eye punked"
by Dog eats God December 17, 2010
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