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A pointless piece of crap, shown on a pointless piece of crap channel (MTV), which depicts the failed dreams of every barbie doll in the world. Mummy and Daddys "little princess" atempts to throw The best party in the world ever. She gets what she wants, when she wants, and still complains because she wants more. nothing is good enough for this spoilt little brat, as she drags her helpless mother round the most expensive shops in town, and moans that the dress doesn't show off her underage boobs enough. She then spends $500 on a haircut that looks like it was cut by a hedge trimmer, then blow dried by a tornado. The Girls easy going father, hasnt got a clue how to raise his child, and believes the only way to get her to love him is by spending ridiculous amounts of money on a fancy limo, and hiring the best night club there is. The girl invites everyone she knows, who just found out they really liked her, not because shes really rich, and can get them almost anything they desire, but because...well, they just, do. So Everyone from school is invited, that is except for the people who she doesnt likes (i.e. anyone who poses a threat to her popularity, or is better looking, or doesn't kiss her arse enough)And anyone who looks at her in an envious manner, or is heard making a bitchy comment, is squeeled on, and removed from the party. the squeeler is rewarded by being allowed to stand an extra yard closer to the birthday girl, as everyone sings happy birthday in a really half-hearted, or kiss arse way. The girl is still moaning that someone hasnt been kicked out yet, and she storms round the club looking for this wanted person, followed by her model like fan club. The party finishes and even though it wasnt perfect, at least she got her her parents to dip in their pockets. And that was just her 16th!
My Super sweet 16...or in other words, I want everything and I want it now, and if I dont get it right at this very minute I am going to scream so loud, that every bit of glass will break in thw whol entire universe and you will be known as the worst parents ever.
by dog bin today April 26, 2006
Has been a whirlwind of a craze in recent years...What you do right, is dress like your going for a run with a hood and baseball cap (baseball bat is optional), or in the girls case dress in your pj's like your going to bed. You stand around on a street corner, and shout abuse at anyone who looks different to you. That particular street corner seems to have a magnet on it as more and more chavs are drawn to that area... Of course you can't go any further than this street corner because of your ASBO... This area becomes otherwise abandoned, people live in fear of being beaten up, and are so intimidated they stay clear of their town centre almost completely. No one dares venture out on a Friday night, if they have any sense, as you get underage kids drinking and smoking, talking about how many birds they shagged in the last week. the girls are dressed like complete and utter sluts,(with skirts so short, your suprised they even bothered to wear one) who only recently discovered there was more use for their private parts than just taking a piss... They are now taking the piss by wearing more make up and wearing more fake bling than a cheap vietnemese whore in a gold spray factory. Often leave school early to pursue a career in shelf stacking.
If your not part of the chavs, your not part of the problem.
by dog bin today April 26, 2006
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