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everyone is wrong about this listen to the song Pluh-Psychostick
It is a word that can be used to replace anything you are saying in the middle of a sentence noun,verb,adverb,adjective...night time, any time, any word, any way. pronouns may also be included
although this word may stop a sentence if the other person does not understand
1) So dude are you going to the psychostick concert?
2) pluh pluh pluh pluh pluh
1) awww dude your mom sucks so much I can't believe she doesn't understand.
1) haha yeah she is
2) so im gonna sneak out to the concert anyways i love psychostick.
1) pluh?
2) well i think i'll kill my mom and just walk out the front door.
1) that's so pluh!
2)pluh yeah
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by doesn't matter i can say PLUH January 05, 2010
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