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A word used by ignorant fools on a regular basis. Often considered by many to be the "ultimate insult". Bible-loving 10-13 year olds who have seen the "light of God" usually use this against other people, and use it against gays because they think gays are evil, and do not understand that everybody is equal.
"You faggot! I am a homophobic idiot who thinks everybody is Christian and that gays are evil!"
by doesitreallymatter? May 25, 2005
One of the two major political parties in the United States. Democrats believe in equal rights, and aren't stupid homophobes that believe gays should not be allowed to marry because of what a book says. They have also set up many programs like medicare, welfare, etc. that help the lower-class citizens, which make up most of the country.

They also believe in women's rights, such as abortion. They also believe that if there is something that needs to be done, it is up to them to do it, and not the almighty God.

They care about the people of their country, and have a heart and help the less fortunate.
"He's more worried about unborn things that are probably a mistake and would cause the unfortunate victim nine months of pain and misery and homosexuals, who are apparently evil, getting married? A Republican.

He's more worried about equal rights of everyone in the country, the freedom of our people, and helping the poor and middle-class citizens instead of the filthy rich that make up only a small percentage of our population? A Democrat."
by doesitreallymatter? May 25, 2005
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