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Emo is a term used for rock acts centralized around Washington DC in the 80's who tended to get very 'emotional' with their performance on stage.

Now it has just been a lame catch all term for bands who are NOT emo.
People think groups like Fall Out Boy, AFI who are in fact East Bay Hardcore, not 'Emotional', I bet you if you told Davey Havok they were 'Emotional', he'd punch your goddamn lights out, Flyleaf, Panic! at the Disco, ect. ect. ect. But these people are just naive little children who like to label and stereotype.
PS. Get a life kids. Emo bands are extinct.
by doctorwho? October 12, 2007
A word meaning the undead and the only word NOT used to describe the walking dead.
Look at that zombie eating brains over there!
by DoctorWho? March 08, 2015

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