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Someone who is completely obsessed with a certain celebrity and..

1. tries to look like them, dress like them or act like them
2. thinks everything in common with them is fate
3. non stop connects everything with them
4. screams when they hear their name, see them or hear them
5. thinks that when they are watching a vid of them, the celeb is connecting with them in some way. i.e smiling and looking into the camera.
6. stalks them
7. imagines the celeb is with them or watching them
8. thinks they are the celeb reincarnated or they are the celeb
9. gets jelous when other people say they like the celeb or if the celeb is with a girlfreind/boyfriend
10. It gets extremely serious when the person suffering becomes so obsessed all their life surrounds is the celeb :|
serious celeb obsession (SCO)

johnny depp: my favourite colour is black..
SCO sufferer: Omg so is mine we are so alike, we would get along, we could be like soulmates...

SCO sufferer: stay away jew, i am hitler reincarnated

SCO sufferer: He just looked at me and winked!
Friend: no he looked into the camera for a second and blinked
SCO sufferer: you didnt see it cos he didnt want you to
by doctorweird February 07, 2010

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