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2 definitions by doctor schu

1) A derogatory word for feminists, made popular by Rush Limbaugh.

2) a misandrist (man-hater) who is more concerned about dissing men than empowering women.
Valerie Solanas was a feminazi - not a true feminist.
Insecure men think all strong women are feminazis.
by doctor schu August 15, 2011
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Political and cultural movement aimed at gaining equal rights & priviledges for women. This definition differs slightly, but significantly, from the standard definition: movement for equal rights between men & women. For example, the issue of shared custody would definitely refer to equal treatment for both sexes, but is not popular among feminists. Neither is the issue of boys falling behind girls in school. This is not to say that feminism is about man hating, which is a misconception that some women, as well as men, have. Women, who use equal rights rhetoric to dis men, are not really being feminists.
We can thank feminism for laws against sexual harassment in the workplace. She thinks she's a feminist because she says all men are jerks.
by doctor schu August 15, 2011
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