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1 definition by doceigen

Fake, false, pretentious, phony, made up, a deception!

oh, and it's pronounced, "soo-doh", ...sheesh!
ALL the entries under the incorrect spelling 'psuedo' here, are PSEUDO!! hehe

1. psuedo
false; not real; fake replication; bootleg; tomfoolery
The upside down question mark as seen in mario kart 64 can be considered a psuedo box.
by El_Scorcho Aug 25, 2003 email it 1 comment
2. psuedo
PRONOUNCED (swaydo) 1. Something having a level of hipness or edge that is of retro orient. 2. Something old and useless that is paraded around in order to evoke irony.

A malapropism from the actual word psuedo pronounced improperly and used to mean something throwback or retro (usually from the 1980s). All things have a certain level of psuedo-ness and can therefor can be more or less psuedo than another item.
Griffin: what do you like better? cds or tapes?
Tom: well cds are more efficient, but you know tapes are... more psuedo.
retro irony old useless malapropism
by SCILLIANAIRE Feb 2, 2007 email it 0 comments
3. psuedo
Some dick hed of a teachers favorite thing in the world which is used to break down computer programs into smaller steps
Lets get doing sum psuedo code lads
by doceigen August 06, 2008