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To drive ones automobile (usualy of the racing variety) into a tyre wall in a manner that results in serious damage to both yourself and said automobile.
julian: woah.. he's looking pretty tyred there, looks like he won't be finishing this one. (refering to a rather nasty shunt at the local kart track)

john: Aye byt.. you'd be right there!!

Inspector Gadget: Hot Damn!!
by doa88 January 26, 2007
Amongst the millions of slang terms for the drunken state of the average welsh person at around 11 on a saturday, you can stand proud as the most drunk you have ever been in any valley if one of your byts refers to you as smeared.

There is no higher (or indeed lower depending on perspective) state of drunken stupor
john: you know.. i've seen boys get wasted, blllaadered, maashed, trounced, monged and even coor-don-blluured. but i've never seen anyone get as drunk as my man G did last night. He was completely smeared!

julian: tsk tsk! thats just not criket is it simon?

john: Hmph.. its not even squash byt!
by doa88 January 26, 2007
a south wales version of BUTT or MATE. used mainly by those dwelling in the southern province of glamorgan.
john - oh "BYT".. what have you done with ones fandango's?

gordon - sorry "BYT".. i believe they were escorted from the premises by one of julians trouser legs.

julian - ..and BOY did they enjoy it.. jolly good show chaps.. etc..
by Doa88 July 09, 2006

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