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to be sexually aroused.

when horny, men will get hard-ons and women's pussies will get wet.

when you are horny, you should have sex to satisfy the horny-ness. or masturbate, if you can't get any at the moment. poooooooooooooooornnnn!!! smuuuuuuuut!!!!! >D

1. you're probably reading this definition 'cuz you're horny
2. i am also horny, hence i shall give us both a nice "story" to masturbate to. enjoy!
A man walked quietly into an inconspicuous building in the red light district of town. Inside, he was greeted by two blonde, topless twins who each took one of his arms and led him to a table. A few minutes later, another girl came by and handed him a beer. Thanking her, he tucked a bill into her tight bra.

As the man sat and sipped his drink, he looked around. All around him were girls: girls stripping, girls dancing, girls serving drinks. There were also many men just like him: they just wanted a little fun.

Later, a busty woman wearing a lacy black bra and thong came by his table and touched his shoulder seductively. She sat herself in his lap, playing her fingers all around his face and neck.

"Hey, baby," she said as she started to rub up against him. She licked her lips. "I'm bored. Won't you come play with me?"

"Depends on what you wanna play," the man replied smoothly. The girl giggled.

"I like the way you talk." She started to rub her scantily clad crotch against the bulge in the man's pants, slowly rubbing harder and more insistently. She practically fucked him dry, but stopped suddenly. "Come with me. I'll let you choose what we'll play."

And with that, the two stood up and went into another room. The room had a kingsize bed in it, with a pole in the middle of the room. After locking the door, the girl began to dance on the pole, rubbing it between her pussy and breasts as the man sat on the bed and stripped. Then, the girl joined him, and started to rub against him again as he took off her skimpy bra and thong. She pumped his huge erection until he could stand it no longer.

The man grabbed her and shoved her down into the bed. He started to fuck her hard, fast, and deep, just the way she liked it. She moaned loudly as his huge, rock-hard dick thrust in and out of her tight wet pussy.

"Mmmm, yea!! Oh, yes, baby, just like that.... Uhhh.... Do it again, baby, again.... Harder... Faster... UUHH!!"

"Yea, that's it, scream like the slut you are!" the man grunted as he pounded her pussy.

The girl's moans got higher and faster as she neared orgasm. A few minutes later, both of them came hard, gushing cum all over each other. They then did the 69 position, licking up every drop. The woman panted and moaned as the man nibbled on her clit, and she started to suck his penis hungrily. She deep-throated him as his dick got hard again, but pulled away just before he came again.

They went back to fucking, with the man on top again. As he thrust in and out of her, he bit her titties and fingered her ass. The woman moaned and exclaimed seductively, causing him to fuck her even harder.

"Oooo.... aaaaaa..... uuuuuuuh....... yes, baby, YES!! Give it to me!! Give it all!! I want you to fuck me like an animal! HARDER!! FASTER!! AAAAA!!" She screamed sexily as his enormous erection slid in and out. To let him go even deeper inside her, she spread her legs out to the sides, like she was doing a split. He banged her with his thick, long, hard dick with powerful and intense thrusts, rubbing her clit with one of his hands as another played with her big tits.

Soon, the friction and sensation was too much her to bear, and she orgasmed, screaming louder than ever as she gushed cum all over his penis. He kept on fucking her oversensitized pussy until he came, too, spilling his white hot cream into her as she moaned loud and long.

The two collaspsed on the cum-soaked sheets, sweaty and exhausted. But not for long. After resting a while, they started to have sex again. They screwed in all positions, and had hard, rough, messy sex all night long.

Typing this made me horny as fuck. I need pr0n, NOW.
by do me December 07, 2007
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