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1.(v.) The act of removing all the vowels from a post on a message board. Usually done automatically by servers, but can be done by mods on a forum. The technique is used to prevent trolls from trolling, as well as forcing disgruntled users to actually think out their responses instead of blindly spewing hate and/or flaming other people. The logic behind it is the fact that there is not a single word in the english language that contains no vowels when spelt correctly. Removing them will result in a sentence crumbling into a garble of random consonants.
Troll: Hmm...I'll say that "anyone who posts on this forum is a fucking faggot!"

Actual Post: nyn wh psts n ths frm s fkng fggt!
Response 1: Huh???
Response 2: Is this guy drunk or something?
Response 3: STFU, idiot.

Troll: Dammit, I got disenvoweled!
by do i really need one? July 04, 2009

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