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26 definitions by do I have to put something here?

Someone who is, bizarrely, so excessively gay as to actually do a full 180 degree turn in terms of sexual orientation. A very confused person.

Also a phrase used by complete idiots. I mean, really STUPID people. Am I right? Of course I'm right. Why else would I be typing it? I probably should have finished this definition a few lines ago.
"Duh, you're a gay homo"

"The gay society shunned Bob the gay homo for his double-gayness"
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Fucking sick 80's Heavy Metal band that's still making music now. Most of the crap we have today is shit in comparison, especially the turd known as nu-metal.
'Operation: Mindcrime' is a concept album by Queensryche, and my favourite one by the band.
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A phrase used by some UrbanDicionary.com contributors who have too much sense to supply any overtly identifying information.
The answer to this phrase is, yes. UrbanDictionary won't let us leave the name empty any more. So go ahead and put "do I have to put something here?"
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FreeBSD is an Unix operating system like Linux, but much older, more disciplined and more mature. It is faster and more stable for servers, but doesn't have such a wide range of software or such fast-growing support that Linux has. Linux is better if you want to play the games and other closed-source software released for Linux too- like Enemy Territory, UT2004 and so on. FreeBSD deserves to be more popular though, but from these other posts you can see why it isn't. Let's hope they're the minority of FreeBSD fans.
Mr. Newbie couldn't take the abuse and RTFMming of the FreeBSD community, so installed Gentoo instead.
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A fast-growing distro of Linux, geared towards optimisation and people who like to tinker than other distros. It's straight forward to install if you RTFM, but still takes ages as it compiles everything from source code, so that it is faster and more optimised for your system.
The Debian user generalised all Gentoo users as elitist pricks, when, ironically, he was being the prick.

(I'm not generalising- this is a hypothetical character.)
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The biggest musical perversion ever to crawl out of some executive's arse since boy bands. Nu metal takes the single best genre of music ever created and turns it into repetitive, shallow, unromantic drivel.

Examples of Nu metal bands: Korn, Slipknot, Disturbed, Linkin Park, Limp Dipshit, etc.

People should try listening to REAL metal, like.. Queensryche, Symphony X, Iron Maiden, Dream Theater, Opeth, In Flames, Iced Earth.. There are too many to list.
Nu Metal is to Metal as Pop-Punk is to Punk Rock.
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Of course he does! He loves everyone. He loves the people who killed him, for god's sake. It's nothing special.
"I love you.. Hey, get those nails away from me!"
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