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1) When a single institution becomes so powerful, that it has total control over a certain commodity, service or industry. This can't actually exist, because it can't ever be truly 100%. At least, not until we live in a futurisitic dystopia where the government/corporations/intelligent computers/big-headed aliens use mind control, rayguns and/or the Matrix to enforce control.

An example of an "Almost-monopoly" is Microsoft, who many people say have a monopoly of the Desktop PC Operating System market. This isn't true, as a small percentage of people use Macs or Linux PC's. Hell, you can even use FreeBSD as a desktop system.

2) A family game where people play shoes, irons and cowboy hats masquerading as CEO's vying for economic world domination. Based largely on luck, but skill/know-how can also be used, as is proved by a sad person I know who spent his young life getting good at the game so that, for once, he would be better than others at something. Usually, however, the game degenerates into petty fights and shouting matches.
1) Communism is total monopoly by the government.

2) (Simpsons quote):
Lou- Another case of Monopoly related violence, chief.
Wiggum- How
do those Parker brothers sleep at night?
Sequel to the popular shooter Duke Nukem 3D. Will never be released, and even if it is, nobody will care anymore.
Now you know why it's called Duke Nukem *Forever*...
Someone who does not pretend to know what so many ignorant men are sure of.
I am an agnostic.

I am a pissed-off agnostic who doesn't like the minimum example size.
by do I have to put something here? September 13, 2004
Like cutting edge, only it went slightly too far. Used to refer to technology that is so far ahead of it's time that it doesn't yet have any practical application.
For example, Microsoft Longhorn is bleeding edge because the suggested specs are so ludicrously high that nobody would be able to run it.
by do I have to put something here? October 01, 2004
The 'special' way to spell Muslim.
"He misspelt Muslim! Let's all point and laugh. And submit it to UrbanDictionary."
1. Nonsense; Gibberish. Something that's unintellible, incomprehensible or makes no sense, often made so to confuse.

2. A lie propagated by superstition or deception.
Bloody explorers, ponce off to Mumbo Jumbo land, come home with a tropical disease, a suntan and a bag of brown lumpy things, and Bob's your uncle, everyone's got a picture of them in lavatory.

- Edmund Blackadder
Contraction of 'Bugger It'. A phrase often used by Foul Ole Ron, a character from Terry Pratchett's Discworld novels. He is an extremely repulsive entity who lacks the ability to speak coherently. Other phrases used by Foul Ole Ron include 'Buggrem' and 'Millenium hand and shrimp', bizarrely.
"Buggrit, buggrem, see if i don't! Millenium hand and shrimp!"

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